Volkswagen Golf – 56,000 recalled for software issue –

Volkswagen will recall 56,000 units of the eighth-generation Golf to rectify issues with the car’s infotainment system and reverse camera, Automotive News Europe reported. This will involve vehicles made until July 2020, a spokesperson from the automaker said, noting that the recall was not mandatory but a “voluntary service measure,” he said.

This follows a previous recall, also regarding software issues for the eighth-generation Golf in June last year. This was for the car’s emergency call function – required by EU regulations since 2018 – which could be affected by unreliable data transmission, Automotive News Europe reported at the time.

The Volkswagen Golf was the top sales performer in Europe once again, with 312,000 units of the hatchback sold in the region for 2020. It also topped the sales chart in its native Germany, where 133,900 units were delivered. The regular model was joined by high performance as well as diesel and hybrid models such as the GTI, GTD, GTE and the range-topping all-wheel-drive R.

The fully electric Volkswagen ID.3 has also been plagued by software issues

The bestselling Volkswagen hatchback hasn’t been alone in facing recalls, as the fully electric ID.3 also faced several software-related issues. In February 2019, the ID.3 was reported to have incomplete software architecture, which Volkswagen rectified after the vehicles have left the production line. About 20,000 ID.3s would have been affected, reported Manager Magazin at the time.

Software issues plaguing the fully electric Volkswagen hatchback continued into 2020, where some company insiders admitted that the basic architecture of the car’s software had been developed too hastily, resulting in the communications dropouts between many of the car’s components.

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