Watch Colorado Man Save Jeep Wrangler After Uncoupling From RV

That was a good save.

We’ve seen a lot of on-road footage of cars at this point that we aren’t exactly surprised by some of the things we see anymore. But this one from Facebook is a bit different – far from the usual stupidity we’ve found like dudes blocking off a busy highway, or a Supra trying to show off at a car meet… and fail.

This time, here’s a video of a man who risked his life (and his car) to save another vehicle that broke off from the RV towing it.

The man’s name is Bobby Sorden, from Colorado, which, as you can see in the embedded video above, tried to save an unmanned Jeep Wrangler from wrecking other cars. In the dashcam video, you can witness the Wrangler uncouple from the RV as the latter turned left at an intersection. The Jeep, on the other hand, continued forward; the sparks signify that the towbar got disconnected from the off-roader.

This prompted Sorden to jump the red light and go after the Wrangler on the loose. Fortunately, the vehicle didn’t pick up speed and was pretty slow when Sorden got to it. He was able to take over the reins and stop the vehicle from moving, potentially causing harm to other road users.

Adventure-seekers who frequent off-roading trails choose Jeep Wrangler to flat-tow since its transfer case can be put into neutral. However, it wasn’t clear whether the fault at the aforementioned incident was with the tow bar itself, or the way it was coupled onto the vehicle – or both.

Whatever the case was, let this serve as a reminder that everyone should always pay full attention to contraptions like this. Needless to say, keeping them in tip-top shape is paramount, making sure that everyone’s safety is in check.


Facebook via Off-Roading Lifestyle

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