Watch: The Ford Mustang Bullitt maxes out on the autobahn

The Ford Mustang Bullitt edition debuted at the 2018 Detroit auto show, but like the rest of this generation’s Mustangs, it’s available around the world. That probably helped YouTuber AutoTopNL easily take this special edition Mustang on the autobahn to see where the Mustang runs out of steam.

As you might expect, the Mustang Bullitt has no problem accelerating onto the road. According to the video, the 480-hp Bullitt Mustang was rated slightly differently for Europe and sends only 464 hp to the rear wheels. Despite being down 14 hp, the Bullitt in this video still seems plenty quick enough.

The bad news: Ford electronically limits the Mustang’s top speed. The Mustang charges through the first three gears but seems to magically run out of steam at the top of fourth. That means, with the limiter removed, the Mustang would probably have enough oomph to push it beyond the speed rating of the tires.

If you want to know how fast the Mustang was going before the limiter, you’ll have to check out the video above. Be warned, it’s in km/h. That means you’ll have to do a little math to translate it into mph. Roughly, it’s about 1.6 km/h for every mph: Keep that in mind.

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