We Ride Shotgun In The Porsche Taycan At Goodwood

Holy straw sack! (Actually, my reaction was a bit more hearty.)

Presumably, there are now around 500 pictures and videos of me. Maybe more. But only because the visitors of the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed have put their smartphones up for a very special car. The one in which I happened to sit as a passenger. I am talking about one of the final prototypes of the Porsche Taycan. It has just given me the famous “Hill Climb” treatment. 

Within three weeks, the Taycan will have completed three appearances on three different continents. The first was in Shanghai, as one of our readers warned us before anyone else. Now here in Goodwood. Finally, it will head to New York, for the 2019 Formula E Championship’s final race, on July 13. 

We got the opportunity to take a quick ride shotgun on the electric sports car. Porsche will unveil it in September, at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

The key question is – of course – “Can Porsche also make EVs?” It surely can. After all, it’s does not seem that hard to build an EV. Countless startups have proved it. But the Taycan has to offer that special Porsche mojo. The one that makes its cars unique. Almost like digital watches versus precision clockwork, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, and so forth.

Since the premiere of the Mission E concept – at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show – a lot of brainwork flowed into the Taycan. Before trying to unveil them, I take a good look at the machine. Despite its camouflage, it does not require much imagination to figure out its final form. Flat LED headlights in front, four frameless doors, 21-inch wheels and a rear-end with some parallels to the current Porsche 911’s. Overall, the Taycan makes a powerful, yet slim impression.

I take another look into the rear seats. The idea is to see what getting in feels like, especially without hitting my head. The gently sloping lines of the roof and the rear side windows remind me spontaneously of a 911. 

Surprise: in spite of being 1.88 m tall (6,17”) and having a cap on my head, I sit in the back in a deep, but very comfortable position. There’s some space between the top of my head and the glass roof. 

Legs and feet get enough space. One reason for this is the so-called “foot garage”. It was created by a recess in the battery pack, as the development engineers around let me know.