What Do I Drive? A BMW 225xe And Here's Why

I needed a family car, wanted an EV and had nowhere to charge, so…

If you have read my text about the quest to get my first electric car, you’ll remember the road was bumpy. My first options did not fit my needs and requirements. The ones that did tried to mislead me. Finally, my limited budget was king. This sums up why I ended up buying a BMW 225xe. Some months later, I cannot say I regret the decision – on the contrary.

The funny thing about it is that I never gave this car a thought. To be pretty honest, I always considered it as the least “BMWish” of all cars the German company ever sold. It originally is a front-wheel-drive vehicle. If that was not enough, it is a minivan. If I were to buy a family car from BMW, it would have been the 3 Series Touring. Yet, here I am.