What Is Hampering EV Sales? Cox Gets Answers From Dealers

The company that controls KBB has interesting insights to share.

Cox Automotive may not be a very known company to some, but it is the holding that controls Kelley Blue Book, a major reference in car prices in the US. Dedicated to all things automotive, it performs studies every once in a while which give us interesting insights on future trends. Such as EV adoption from the perspective of dealers. Are they happy with the new electric cars? What are they missing from automakers? The answers are in the study “Evolution Of Mobility: The Path For Electric Vehicle Adoption.”

Besides dissecting how dealers see the EV invasion, the study also speaks about the consumer’s perspective on buying an electric car and, more importantly, the role Tesla has on EV adoption. We have divided these other subjects into specific articles you can read by clicking on the links above. Or below.

Interestingly, the study shows the perception of dealers and plain reality. As an example, they believe BEVs are only 5 percent of new cars sold every month, as well as 9 percent of CPO (certified pre-owned) vehicles and 4 percent of non-CPO cars sold in the same period.

When you listen to this presentation on the study, made by Rachelle Petusky, Research & Market Intelligence Manager for Cox Automotive, you get to know that only 3.5 percent of new vehicles sold in the US are BEVs. Plug-in hybrid vehicles represent another 3.5 percent. Unfortunately, Cox does not mention how many CPO and non-CPO vehicles are actually sold every month on average by dealers.