What's The Best Used Electric Car Under $15,000?

There are actually a lot of options, but two vehicles really stand out.

The Generation 2 Chevrolet Volt (above) and the BMW i3 REx (below) are two purpose-built electric cars one could easily purchase second-hand for under $15,000. Mechanically speaking, these two cars are quite similar, both consisting of a liquid-cooled Li-ion battery pack, a gasoline range-extender to provide energy when the battery wilts, and a zero-to-sixty time of around seven seconds.

However, this is where any similarities end; in practice, these two vehicles are quite different. Here are the noteworthy differences between these two unique EVs.

Editor’s Note: Andrew Lambrecht is a high school senior who runs an electric cars news website (thecurrentreview.com). He has always been very interested in electric cars, and since he will be applying to colleges soon, electrical and environmental engineering are on his mind. Congrats to Andrew for the nice website and hard work.