Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer ‘can’t believe his luck’ after Land Rover Series III discovery

Wheeler Dealers: Discovery tease car show's return with trailer

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Last night’s Wheeler Dealers episode saw Mr Brewer and Ant Anstead update a stunning bright orange Series III before turning a profit. The episode marks the last proper build the duo are doing in America as part of the new series.

However, Mr Brewer said he almost didn’t secure the Land Rover due to an issue regarding registrations of the cars in California.

He said it was difficult for drivers to get imported cars “smog tested” and therefore almost impossible to get through the registration process.

Speaking on a Facebook Live clip on his page Wheeler Dealer, Mr Brewer said he was in luck after possibly discovering the only model found in the state.

Mr Brewer said: “I can’t believe my luck really. I started to look for one and this one popped up locally in downtown Los Angeles and it’s a 1976 Series III. 

“What was really weird about it is in California once you get into the start of the 70s and 80s and early 90s, if it’s an imported car.

“That’s so difficult to get smog tested and to get them through the registration process.

“I’ve got a few friends who’ve actually got Land Rover Defenders and they can’t get them registered, it’s impossible to get them registered.”

He added: “What drew me to it was it’s got a registration. Somebody has already registered this vehicle.

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“How they did it I don’t want to know, whether it was the right way or wrong way I don’t want to know but somebody registered this vehicle.

“Being that the car was registered I started doing a little search and went through the database and what was interesting is in the whole state of California I couldn’t find another one that was registered, in the whole state.

“So that made this rare right from the off there’s not that many out there and this one was rare right from the off.”

The model was purchased by Mr Brewer in the episode for $13,500 from their $15,000 budget.

The duo replaced several of the model’s key parts such as the oil filter and handbrake drum kit.

The engine was also serviced with the car’s air filter assembly cleaned and fitted with fresh oil.

Its injection pump was adjusted with new glow plugs installed and a custom roof rack installed.

The model was sold to a buyer for $23,000 with the duo turning a profit of $5,741 after the cost of the restoration work.

However, the Land Rover upgrade was not the first time the iconic car has been picked for the show.

On his Facebook Live Mr Brewer said the car were popular among viewers and “easy to work on” when explaining why so many have featured in previous series.

He said: “When I was out there with Ant we were trying to think what is the most appropriate car to wave goodbye to our time in Los Angeles and our times out in America and I decided on a Land Rover.

“We’ve more or less had a Land River in every series of Wheeler Dealers and the reason is they’re really good for us.

“The shows rate really well, people like them, they are easy to work on.

“They’ve got so much character and they’ve got a huge network and they’ve got a huge support network out there as well and that’s why we like working on them.”

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