Yes, this 2020 Toyota Supra sold for almost $200K

The base 2020 Toyota Supra sells for $50,920.

The average, dare I say, acceptable dealer markup on a new car is 2-5 percent. That’s not the final sale price, mind you, but it does allow the dealer to make a solid profit. But since generation two of the Model T came out, dealers have been juicing that bottom line. First a little, then a lot. If you remember, Dodge told Challenger Demon sellers not to mark the car up. In fact, dealers were incentivized to sell at or below MSRP, though they found a way around it. The general rule is, the rarer the car, the bigger the markup.

So speaking of markups, here’s a Toyota Supra, base price: $50,920, marked up more than triple its price to $198,563 at a Kia/Toyota dealership in Florida. Jalopnik, which discovered the listing over the weekend, called the dealer, who confirmed the price and that it has “received serious interest” at that price.

UPDATE: The listing has since been taken down, so we called the dealer. “Sold, sold, sold!” is what the dealership says, so maybe it wasn’t such a crazy price after all? No, it was, but we’re talking “Florida man” here, so anything’s possible.

H/T: Jalopnik

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