2021 Porsche 911 GT3 reveal imminent

The wait for the 992 variant of the GT3 is very nearly over

By Sam Sheehan / Thursday, February 11, 2021 / Loading comments

Just over two years since the 992 line-up was first introduced, Porsche has confirmed it’ll be pulling the covers of the first GT variant next week. While not giving any more specifics, tradition obviously decrees that it will be the new GT3, a car that’s been spotted at the Nurburgring numerous times with what appears to be a significantly upgraded aerodynamic kit. The audio in the latest teaser video suggests the it will retain a naturally aspirated motor.

That engine is widely believed to be the 4.0-litre flat-six we already know to be a 9,000rpm marvel of engineering. Reasonable estimates point to a plus-500hp output and the retention of a standard-fit manual gearbox, although the car in the new footage does sound like a PDK – which, despite PH’s best efforts, has been the best-selling variant for Brits in previous generations. But rest assured a three-pedal version is expected, not least because it is the dominant choice in another core GT3 market, the US.

The development cars were snapped at the Green Hell throughout 2020, with each partly-disguised machine sporting a swan neck rear wing that is likely to provide more downforce, with less aerodynamic inefficiency. There will also be a larger diffuser to help with the job, while at the front, new openings on the nose and a cleaner front bumper suggest that aero has been a major preoccupation throughout. Expect a sizeable jump in performance and the numbers to back it up – even in the slightly toned-down Touring version that’s also been spied testing. 

The potential for faster lap times are likely to feature heavily in Porsche's sales pitch because the 992 GT3 is unlikely to enjoy a sizeable mechanical advantage over its predecessor – or even its more senior wide-track siblings. That being said, the GT department is renowned for pulling desirable trump cards out of its hat, and the usual benefits of weight saving and a reworked chassis are virtually a given. As is the kind of compromise between road and track that has earned the GT3 legendary status amongst UK enthusiasts.

All in all, there's good reason to be excited. February 16th is the date for your calendar; just 24hrs before McLaren reveals the new Artura. That proximity is not a total coincidence, although plainly they are very different propositions. We can't wait to learn more about either. 

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