Check Out This Tesla Model 3 Hands-Free Power Lift Gate

This is definitely a Tesla aftermarket feature we’re interested in.

Tesla vehicles come with all sorts of features that aren’t found in/on other cars. Despite this reality, people have noted on many occasions that Teslas — and especially the Model 3 — are missing key niceties that come standard, or are at least available, in many competing luxury cars.

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Due to the expense of batteries and technology, Tesla has had to make tough decisions about which features are most important, as well as those that are just not in the cards at this point.

Thankfully, the growing EV aftermarket industry offers plenty of useful products that can be installed at home. Of the many we’ve seen lately, this automatic lift-and-lower trunk kit is one of the most appealing.

You can get the Tesla Model 3 power liftgate from the Tesla Offer website. In its original form, it will cost you $599. However, this setup requires pushing a button to open and close the trunk. Add the “Smart Open and Close” feature, which increases the price to $649, and you can operate the liftgate with your foot using a sweeping motion.

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Tesla Model 3 Power Lift Gate

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