DÆrik Checks What Else Changed On The 2021 Tesla Model Y

The latest Model Y has a few small improvements over the ones produced a year ago.

Tesla is relentlessly improving its electric cars (or adjusting to the market situation) regardless of the model year. Here we will take a look at the brand new 2021 Tesla Model Y and how it changed compared to the year-old DÆrik‘s Model Y.

As we already know, the new Tesla’s are no longer equipped with radar and rely more on cameras. However, this change requires to have Auto High Beam on in order to use Autopilot.

The other change that was quickly noticed is the new windshield wiper sprayers (a higher number of nozzles). It’s a small, but highly appreciated change.

DÆrik notes also dimming side mirrors, different taillights (turn signals are more into amber now and brighter), and removed, adjustable lumbar support in the front passenger seat.

One of the most appreciated changes is the new door panel buttons – now matte black instead of glossy.

Of course, the 2021 has the laminated, double-pane glass (quieter) and a new center console – but those are not the most recent changes. A cool thing is that Tesla adds a USB drive for recording TeslaCam videos.

In summary, most of the changes are positive, small improvements to the Model Y, which currently is the top-selling electric car in the U.S.

Tesla Model Y prices and specs

ModelBase PriceDest. ChargeTax CreditEffective Price
2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD 19″$51,990+$1,200N/A$53,190
2021 Tesla Model Y Perf. LR AWD 21″$60,990+$1,200N/A$62,190
2021 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD 19″AWD80*326 mi
(525 km)
4.8135 mph
(217 km/h)
2021 Tesla Model Y Perf. LR AWD 21″AWD80*303 mi
(488 km)
3.5155 mph
(249 km/h)

* estimated/unofficial values

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