Dashcam Clears Tesla Model 3 Driver Of Fault In Accident: Video

Without the video footage, the Model 3 driver would’ve likely been ticketed.

However, the video proves the Tesla driver wasn’t at fault.

InsideEVs was contacted by the owner of this particular Model 3 and there’s quite the story to tell. The Model 3 owner reached out to share a video of a recent wreck in which he was concerned about the amount of time it would take to fully repair the car (more on that later).

In condensed and slightly edited form, here’s what occurred, according to the Model 3 driver:

A bit on the accident. The other driver never signaled until the very end, so I had no clue he wanted to change lanes. After he hit me, since we diverged and it was not safe to stop (I had my kids in the car). I took the next exit and called the highway patrol. The other driver did the same, and he reported that I rear-ended him, and “hit and run” because I left.

The officer contacted me and we got together about an hour later, during which time I had emailed him the video. He was clear that without the video, I would have been cited for rear-ending. The video saved us from being at fault, and the other driver was cited for unsafe driving. 

Give the clip a watch know (or watch it again) and you’ll see that the other driver was clearly at fault. There are two cameras and two angles to watch. The crash could’ve been much worse had the other car struck that divider.

This incident occurred on May 1, 2019. The car is now repaired, but it took 6 weeks to fix. Why so long? As the Model 3 owner states:

Parts were 5 weeks on order and one week to fix. Only had to wait on two parts that were not in stock, not sure which ones.

Video description via YouTube:

Watch this clip showing a Tesla Model 3 colliding with another vehicle. The dashcam footage was given to police who determined that the other driver was at fault.

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