Ford Asking Dealers To Invest $35k To Sell EVs: Report

Initially, the investment will be optional.

It seems that Ford is moving full steam ahead with the electrification of its global model lineup. Just yesterday, the automaker announced its plans to sell only electric passenger cars in Europe from 2030. Before that, the brand will electrify its entire range on the continent by the middle of 2026, and apparently, preparations for the next-gen EVs are already underway in the United States as well.

CarsDirect reports Ford has sent a letter to its US dealers, informing them they’ll have to make an investment in order to receive what the brand calls “next-generation” EV certification. The company estimates every dealer interested in selling Ford’s new electric vehicles will have to invest roughly $35,000.

Initially, the investment will be optional for most dealers around the country. The estimated figure might change as it is an early calculation, covering chargers, service equipment, and installation. Interested dealers reportedly have to demonstrate a working 240V charging station and order necessary service equipment by the end of April this year.

It’s not clear whether dealers will have to invest $35,000 in order to get certification from Ford to sell the Mustang Mach-E, though CarsDirect suggests this will be the case. More importantly, the upcoming electric version of the country’s most popular vehicle, the F-150, is considered a next-gen electric vehicle, which means it’ll require the new certification.

CarsDirect notes that $35,000 shouldn’t really be a shock to any dealer interested in getting the upcoming crop of all-electric Fords. Still, there might be smaller dealers who are not really interested in offering zero-emission cars as long as they have the F-150, Mustang, and a few other combustion-powered models on sale.



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