Instant Karma Caught On Teslacam? Or 2 Aggressive Drivers At Fault?

It seems the Tesla driver made some poor driving decisions here too.

Is this a case of instant karma caught on Tesla’s dashcam? The police pull over one car, but is the Tesla guilty of careless driving too?

We’ll stop short of calling this full-on road rage, but as you’ll see in the video, a car attempts to overtake the Tesla on multiple occasions. On at least one such overtaking attempt, the Tesla speeds up to block and merge, but in doing so it crosses a solid white line. That’s a no-no in driving, so we’ll say the Tesla should’ve been pulled over too.

More Teslacam Action

You can watch this all go down on the Teslacam YouTube video clip. Close to the end of the video, you’ll see the police already in pursuit of the car that speeds to overtake the Tesla. However, with the Tesla at fault too, both cars should’ve been pulled over. Furthermore, it’s this sort of aggressive driving that often leads to much worse endings than just getting pulled over and handed a ticket. So, don’t drive like this.

Video description via Vince Teodoro on YouTube:

Punk gets punked! via TeslaCam

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