Major Auto Parts Supplier Praises Tesla, Says It Has 5-Year Lead

The parts supplier has worked with many brands for years, and it puts Tesla on a pedestal.

According to a recent tweet by Ray4Tesla, which was then shared in an article by our friends at Teslarati, massive global auto parts supplier Ningbo Tuopu Group Co., Ltd., raved about Tesla in its recent earnings call.

While Tuopu is based in China, it makes automotive parts for the likes of Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Porsche, and Volkswagen. In addition, it supplies part for local outfits, including Geely, NIO, SAIC, Xpeng, and more. However, for the sake of this article, it’s important to point out that it also works closely with Tesla, and it clearly enjoys the relationship above others.

Since the supplier has relationships with many automakers and has for years, it has the ability to provide inside insight into the brands and the way they operate. Based on the translation provided by Ray4Tesla, Tuopu is very optimistic about Tesla. The supplier also suggested there were no issues with orders after Tesla faced adversity in China.

We constantly receive “news” about Tesla, and while some of it is positive, most of it is negative. It’s hard to determine what’s true, and we have to look carefully at the sources and their background. However, when something comes from the inside, it gets our attention.

With that said, Tuopu noted that it believes Tesla is some five years ahead of rivals. It commented about Tesla’s success with products, research and development, manufacturing processes, and more.

To be clear, Tuopu didn’t specify Tesla by name. It’s referred to as “Company A,” though it was immediately clear during the call that Tesla was the brand Tuopu was referring to. Tuopu pointed to Company A’s 240% sales growth in Europe in May, which is right on target with Tesla’s numbers.

Teslarati included a quote from Tuopu’s earnings call that it transcribed as follows:

“What I want to say is that in the process of cooperating with customers we deeply realize that all things done by Company A are correct, including product positioning, research and development manufacturing, supplier management, quality, marketing, etc are all very correct. Other car companies have a gap of at least 5 years. At noon, we just saw a 240% increase in European sales of Company A in May, and a substantial increase in North America… We are very optimistic.”


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