Reviewer's Tesla Model 3 Repair Situation Is Finally Solved

But why did it take almost three months to be concluded?

It may sound unbelievable for people unaware of the situation, but it took almost three months for The Fast Lane Car’s Tesla Model 3 to get repaired. Their first repair estimate dates from April 18. And things have stretched until now.

The Fast Lane Car seized the opportunity to reintroduce the fixed Model 3, analyze the repair and put the EV against a Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR for a drag race.

First things first, the presenters address some criticism they have received for taking the car to a Tesla Service Facility instead of to a Tesla Certified Service Facility. Tesla’s shops that deal with major body damage repair are only three. Two of them are in California and one is in Illinois. 

Since The Fast Lane Car crew is from Colorado, they decided to take the car to the Rickenbaugh Collision Center, a certified shop for Tesla’s body repair. And Rickenbaugh did a very good job, despite taking so long to do it.