Rich Rebuilds Uses Some Tesla Parts On His Rat Rod

How has Tesla helped bring this rat rod to the EV side?

We have been following with a lot of attention the lemonade Rich Benoit is preparing with parts of an irrecoverable Zero S electric motorcycle and a 1930’s Ford Model A rat rod. In the last video, we thought the car was almost ready to rock, but Rich keeps finding new things to do with it by the dozens and in every video. Including the use of Tesla parts.

But wait, wasn’t that something Rich was trying to avoid in order to keep the EV conversion as low as possible? Indeed, but we did not say he is going to use expensive Tesla components. He went for cheap ones as cheap solutions for big problems.

Which components has he borrowed from old Tesla vehicles? You’ll have to watch the video to know that, but at least one of them gives us the impression it should have been cleaned in another way.

The fact is that Rich seems to be growing fonder of the car. So much so that he wants it to look good even if it is not as safe as before, with lower seats that will fit the car in a more elegant way, but will also not protect his back in the same fashion they did before getting cut. Yes, Rich cut the seats! Sorry for the spoiler…