Sandy Munro's Tesla Model Y Mega Wrap Up Episode: Top 10 Takeaways, Future Plans

Sandy offers up some good news at the end.

Sandy Munro wraps up his Tesla Model Y tear down series and offers his top ten takeaways from the experience. We’ve really come to appreciate these videos, especially since there hasn’t really been a lot of unique new content during the COVID-19 crisis.

It’s hard to believe, but Sandy has done 40 of these Model Y tear down videos in the 45 days since the first one aired on April 1st. 

If you’ve watched Munro’s tear down series, you know he’s been very impressed with the myriad of improvements Tesla has made in the Model Y over the Model 3. In fact, that’s the first thing he talks about in this video. He talks about how Tesla’s been employing a continuous-improvement manufacturing strategy, and how that differs from continual-improvement.

This car should be a wake-up call for anyone that’s manufacturing anything, regardless of whether it’s a cell phone, a car, or an airplane or anything else in the marketplace. – Sandy Munro on the Tesla Model Y

Munro then goes into his top ten takeaways from what he’s learned during the tear down and discusses the following items:

  • Impressed by Mega-casting
  • Body in white is a big improvement
  • Panel gaps still need addressing
  • No next-gen wiring as expected
  • Heat Pump and OctoValve is a big step forward
  • High voltage battery optimizations 
  • The injection-molded headliner
  • Extensive commonality savings
  • Front induction motor improvement
  • ASAD & Autopilot advances

Everything electronic from Tesla is absolutely stunning

Munro shows off the ADAS board from the Tesa Model 3