Tesla Configurator Goes Live In Romania And Hungary

The third party sale of Tesla vehicles in these countries was ceased because they can now be officially ordered.

It was just a few months ago that we were reporting on the opening of a third-party Tesla sales point in Romania, by a company that already had a similar business up and running in neighboring Hungary and was looking to expand. But now all Romanians who ordered a new Tesla through this company, called Teslounge, have had their orders cancelled because Tesla is now officially present in both countries.

This means they can now configure and place an order for a brand new Tesla on the manufacturer’s official site, thus confirming the rumors that had been floating around for months. Tesla is keen to expand into Central and Eastern Europe, because that’s where the company’s spiritual parent, Nikola Tesla, is from and the company wants to honor him by being present in that part of the world.

We reported on a rumor that Tesla was looking to expand its presence into Romania late last year and when Teslounge opened in the country, we though the rumors may have been referring to that. However, it looks like the rumors were true now Romanians can order their vehicles directly from Tesla, although it’s not clear where they will be delivered to since both Romania and Hungary currently only have temporary pop-up stores at the moment.

Furthermore, Tesla doesn’t usually begin deliveries of its vehicles to countries where it has not yet set up a service center. One is planned for Budapest, Hungary, but nothing has yet been announced for Bucharest, Romania. Even today, most Tesla owners from Hungary and Romania take their vehicles for maintenance or repairs to Vienna, Austria where Tesla can actually service them.

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