Tesla Megapack Puts Powerpack In Large Packages

And helps replace thermal powerplants with many advantages.

Whenever the grid in any place is in danger of not meeting demand, thermal power plants kick in to save the day. At the cost of loads of CO2 in the atmosphere. Deemed as some of the dirtiest energy solutions around, “peakers” are with their days numbered in what depends on Tesla and its new energy solution, the Megapack.

Created as a development of the giant Hornsdale battery pack produced with Powerpack units, Megapack presents many advantages. Tesla indicates in its blog it “can deploy an emissions-free 250 MW, 1 GWh power plant in less than three months on a three-acre footprint.” 

That would be “four times faster than a traditional fossil fuel power plant of that size” to build. Strangely, on the page Tesla presents Megapack, it says the energy solution has a “10x faster installation”.

There is no explanation for the difference, but it is probably related to the mentioned capacities. Tesla states a 1 GWh unit would be four times faster to build, but it mentions the ten times faster installation for the individual Megapack capacity, at 3 MWh each unit.