Tesla Model 3 Interior Color Just Black In Some Markets

No black and white interior Model 3 in right-hand drive markets as production needs to be streamlined.

Tesla seems to limits the number of available options for Model 3, depending on anticipated sales volume in some markets, to simplify and streamline production.

Recently, Tesla opened sales of Model 3 in several new right-hand drive markets and it quickly turned out that in most cases there are only one or two versions available (Standard Range Plus and Performance).

Moreover, customers figured out that there is no option for the “Black and White” interior (only black). Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla is reducing complexity on the production side:

“We’re trying to simplify product complexity, so only offering white (technically black & white) interior in high volume markets.”

Tesla Model 3

The “Black and White” interior can be ordered only in left-hand drive markets.

As Tesla is producing the cars in batches, and in general is doing whatever can to produce and sell as many Model 3 as possible, it’s reasonable that the choices need to be reduced.

We assume that the combined sales of right-hand drive Model 3 are not high enough to justify the additional costs from Tesla’s perspective.

Limited choice of trim levels or packages was and is also applied by other EV manufacturers.

Tesla Model 3 – Black interior