Tesla Model 3 Truckla: You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You Might Learn Stuff

This really is a fantastic story, and there’s some work in progress as well.

When we first sat down to watch this video, we assumed it would be a really impressive share of the work behind the Tesla Model 3 Truckla conversion. And, it definitely is. You do get to see a lot of the work being done and it’s very clear that they didn’t just chop the back off the Model 3 and call it good. However, the video is captivating on a whole other level.

We found ourselves engrossed in the drama, the story, the camaraderie, and the overall chemistry between Rich and Simone. Rich Benoit is a master DIYer, and he’s arguably an even better storyteller. Simone is just clearly a spectacular person in every way, not to mention hilarious. Put the two together and words can’t do it justice. You just really have to watch it. Enjoy!

Video Description via Rich Rebuilds on YouTube:

How Truckla Was Built: The Worlds First Tesla Pickup Truck

Simone said she wanted a Tesla pickup truck, so she tapped me on the shoulder to come along for the wild ride. Take a peek of the journey to Truckla and an in-depth look!

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