Tesla Q4 2022 Earnings Report: Profitable Yet Again

Tesla just released its Q4 2022 earnings report and the numbers are solid. Tesla again turned a profit, which makes that thirteen quarters in a row in which Tesla has reported a profit. Tesla basically met expectations last quarter.

The main financial details from the Q4 2022 report are as follows:

  •  $ 24.3 billion in revenue
  •  $ 1.19 profit per share (Non-GAAP)

And here’s what Tesla was expected to report, according to analysts.

  • Profit per share: ~ $1.13 to $1.19  per share
  • Revenue: ~ $24.669 billion to $ 24.879 billion

Tesla states:

Q4-2022 was another record-breaking quarter and 2022 was another record-breaking year. In the last quarter, we achieved the highest-ever quarterly revenue, operating income and net income in our history.

Tesla previously announced its Q4 2022 production and delivery figures, Tesla Delivers Record-Setting 405,278 Cars In Q4 2022, 1.3 Million In All Of 2022. At 405,278 global deliveries of the Model Y, Model 3, Model S and Model X combined, Tesla beat expectations and set a new all-time delivery record.

You’ll find Tesla’s release in its entirety linked below. 

Tesla Q4 2022 Earnings Report

More information to follow from details released on the conference call later today.

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