Tesla Sentry Mode Films Vandals Trying To Break Charging Plug

Tesla hate examples can be summed up to pure stupidity, like this one.

Clown acts are funny because they show stuff that does not make any sense, and that leads nowhere. But some are not, despite also being senseless and purposeless. That is a good way to describe this Tesla hate episode. These vandals were not trying to steal anything. There was no profit for them in any of their actions. Yet, here they are, trying to damage a charging plug in the nastier way. Thankfully for Fernando Corrado, the car owner, that did not work.

Gallery: Check These Vandals Trying To Break Charging Plug On A Tesla Model 3

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Corrado put his Tesla Model 3 to charge at the Park MGM Casino parking lot in Las Vegas with Sentry Mode on. He and his wife had already gone to bed when everything happened.

“I was sleeping. My wife noticed the push notification from the Tesla app in the morning. It notified us that the alarm had gone off.”

The alarm went off at 2 AM on January 9, 2020. When Corrado checked the video, he saw two men trying to break the charging plug attached to his Tesla, which was also his, by the way.

“I had the car charging to a wall outlet in the parking lot using my travel charger.”