Watch Distracted Driver Ram Rear Of Stopped Car: TeslaCam Video

Keep your eyes on the road at all times.

This video clip shows a distracted driver who dumbly crashes into the rear of a stopped car. This could’ve been easily avoided had the car been equipped with some accident prevention systems.

This sort of accident would’ve surely been prevented had the other car had a system in place similar to Tesla’s Autopilot.

Though Autopilot doesn’t always perform perfectly, this type of rear-ending is an easy one to avoid for Tesla’s system.

We assume (or rather it should be clear from the video) that the driver in the car that does the rear-ending had taken his/her eyes off the road for a second and had assumed traffic would continue accelerating. That assumption was wrong though and once the driver attempted to react, it was far too late.

Watch the TeslaCam video clip to see why your eyes should always be on the road.

Video description via idog63 on YouTube:

TeslaCam Rear-Ender Accident Sacramento 7/25/19

West bound on Richards Blvd


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