Watch Tesla FSD Time-Lapse As It Drives Itself From SF To LA On Its Own

Yes, you read that right: it drove itself from San Francisco to Los Angeles almost without any human intervention.

We’ve already seen how good Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite can be, even though it’s still in a Beta stage and some kinks still need to be ironed out. So the fact that a Model 3 on FSD managed to drive itself (and its driver) from San Francisco all the way to Los Angeles almost completely on its own is definitely an impressive feat.

Check out this time-lapse that shows the trip in its entirety in the video posted by Tesla fan and owner, Whole Mars Catalog. He documented the entire journey and all of his interventions on the nearly 380-mile drive – we spotted two interventions (excluding Supercharger stops): one when the driver intervened when the car was confused as to which lane to take and then again when he avoided some obstacle in the road.

What is the most fascinating and impressive part of this video is the fact that the car appears to be driven by an actual human driver. If you didn’t know it was driving itself, you could be forgiven for thinking a real driver was actually in control of the car – based on this video and its result, we have to say we’re impressed with FSD’s performance.

Source:Whole Mars Catalog / YouTube

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