Watch Tesla Model 3 Enter Automated Conveyor Parking System

The Tesla Model 3 is ideal for Japan’s small parking spots.

As we recently reported, the Tesla Model 3 will begin to make its way to right-hand-drive areas like the UK and Japan. While the Model S and Model X are not necessarily the best choices in certain countries, due to the preference and necessity for small, easily maneuverable vehicles, the Tesla Model 3 is arguably right at home in such situations.

The Model 3 is not a traditional subcompact or compact car by most standards. In fact, it’s really a midsize sedan, especially when it comes to passenger and cargo space. However, some continue to argue that it’s still a compact car by certain definitions.

Regardless of how you choose to categorize the Tesla small sedan, the sizing situation is really more of a positive than a negative. This is because space is tight in many global cities, especially when it comes to parking.

In Japan, you’ll find multi-story parking structures that utilize automated parking elevators to help with the matter. As you can see from the Twitter video below, the Model 3 seems perfect for these conveyors and elevator systems.

Tesla was smart in designing its Model 3, particularly in deciding on its size. It’s just large enough to appease many Americans, all while working to attract buyers in markets where small vehicles are preferred and imperative.

How do you think the Tesla Model 3 will fare in these newest, right-hand-drive markets? Will Tesla eventually come forth with an even smaller vehicle? Scroll down and share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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