Watch Tesla Model X Crash Again And Again In Wild Series Of Accidents

It was all caught on camera and it’s as crazy as it comes.

No, the Tesla was not on Autopilot.

What we assume happened here is that for some reason, the accelerator pedal was either depressed or stuck/caught up (perhaps under the floor mat).

As you’ll see in the video, this out-of-control Tesla Model X collides with a parked Toyota Tacoma then swipes the side of a pickup. It seems that when trying to park the Model X, the driver either unintentionally hit the accelerator or the pedal got stuck for some reason. The vehicle then circles a few times while crashing into other objects and narrowly missing several people.

The CCTV clip was published on Tu Noticia PR, which states a “strange vehicular accident occurred” involving a Tesla. Tu Noticia PR adds:

“[The Tesla was] very close to causing injuries to a young woman getting out of the Toyota” and “extremely close to running over a person on the opposite sidewalk.”

“The driver claims that the electric Tesla vehicle suddenly accelerated. No one was injured.”

Thankfully, it doesn’t appear as though anyone was injured.

The incident occurred in Puerto Rico and here’s a Google view of the street: