Yamaha Is Developing a High-Output Motor for EVs

Yamaha Motors has unveiled a new electric motor the company claims has industry-leading power density.

Yamaha says the motor is aimed at hyper-EV models and “other offerings in the high-output mobility segment.” The company says it will begin accepting orders for commissioned prototype development now.


Since 2020 Yamaha has been accepting orders for developing prototype electric motors of between 35 and 150 kW (47 hp and 200 hp) for motorcycles, automobiles, and other mobility applications and now wants to up its game.

The company says the main feature of this new, 469-hp electric motor is its compact construction that treats the mechanical and electrical components as a single entity, and integrating the gearbox and inverter into one assembly. The idea, Yamaha says, is to be able to use multiple motors on a single vehicle. Indeed, put just two of these new babies into an electric sportscar and you’re looking at 938 hp! Yamaha showed a skateboard chassis that could easily incorporate four of these motors for an all-wheel-drive vehicle cranking out 1,400 kW, or 1877 hp. That would make it the highest-horsepower car available, period.

Yamaha said it plans to show the 350 kW class unit and its other electric motor prototypes at the Automotive Engineering Exposition 2021 Yokohama, scheduled for May 26-28, 2021.

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