Here's Your First Official Look at the Next-Generation Nissan Z

After what feels like years of waiting, Nissan has finally shown images of its next-generation Z-badged sports car for the first time. Appearing in a recent video uploaded to the company’s YouTube account, we get a good look at the car’s profile, body lines, and fascia. We’re excited.

The next-gen Z’s design, which could use the 400Z nameplate, is rumored to be inspired by vintage Z cars of the past, like the 240Z. It seems those rumors are correct, judging by the sloping roofline, squared off rear end, and window shape. The fascia looks like a unique design, however, with half-circle daytime running lights and a wide grille opening.

Nissan has remained mum on specs for the upcoming Z, but we expect it to share a rear-wheel-drive platform with the Infiniti Q60 coupe, borrowing a version of that car’s 400-horsepower 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 engine.

Reports have suggested the new Nissan Z was originally supposed to be revealed sometime in 2020, though thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the car’s debut was pushed into 2021. Seeing as how Nissan is now showing the car in an official capacity, it’s safe to say we’ll learn more soon.

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