Possible Ferrari V6 Hybrid Prototype Spotted Near Factory

Is this the future of Ferrari?

What’s going on with this Ferrari prototype? Well, beyond the wrap which seems to hide an SF90 Stradale body there’s a strange sound or lack thereof when the prototype drives down the roads of Maranello. It’s not the faint whir of an electric motor but rather the distinct warble of a V6 engine. Is this the rumored V6 Ferrari hybrid supercar ready to compete with the McLaren Altura for the best entry-level supercar?

It’s no secret that Ferrari is working on a V6 supercar to slot under the 986 horsepower SF90 and possibly replace the current V8-powered F8 Tributo. For Ferrari, their heritage is the V12 engine which was prized by Enzo Ferrari who championed this engine above all else. The mid-engine V8 and V6 power cars that slotted under the big V12s with nothing more than a revenue stream to fund Enzo’s Formula One Aspirations.

Enzo’s late son Dino Ferrari was instrumental in the development of Ferrari’s early mid-engine offerings which featured a V6 engine. Reports indicate that Enzo was not a huge fan of this project but his love for Dino allowed the project to proceed. To distinguish the V12 powered traditional Ferrari offerings from Dino’s new creations, Enzo made sure the mid-engine cars were called Dinos as they lacked the Ferrari V12.

Today Ferrari still builds V12 powered front engine grand touring cars just as Enzo Ferrari intended. Ferrari also builds superb mid-engine supercars that trace their lineage to Dino’s original design, however, the cylinder count is not a crucial part of their identity. Instead, these vehicles are Ferrari’s offering for customers looking for an experience similar to that of a Formula One car. So it would make sense for Ferrari to introduce a Formula One Style V6 hybrid powertrain that directly links to the car Charles LeClerc and Carols Sainz drive during Grandprix weekends.



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