£107k Alpine A110 x Felipe Pantone on sale

Art and cars go together like cheese and wine, right…

By Sam Sheehan / Friday, May 21, 2021 / Loading comments

Alpine has revealed an A110 art car produced with Argentinian creative Felipe Pantone trackside in Monaco, which, unlike the half-scale F1 car he produced a few weeks back, is actually going on sale. Three of the four Pantone hand-painted cars will be offloaded to customers for €125,000 each (or about £107k) with the show car staying with Alpine. And while all will be left-hand drive, the cars are being offered worldwide, meaning there’s nothing preventing one from coming to Britain. Retail sales are soaring, after all…

The work has been done to celebrate the art in Alpine’s sports car, with Pantone striving to “evoke a sense of ultradynamism”. He said: “Visual speed is something that I have been investigating for years now and I feel it really comes together on this car, emphasising its brilliant design with a fast, technological look”. The car will remain on display in Monte Carlo during the upcoming Grand Prix weekend, as part of Alpine’s ongoing efforts to highlight the connection between F1 team and car manufacturer.

“Through this second collaboration with Alpine, Felipe Pantone once again demonstrates the extent of his talent,” said Cédric Journel, Alpine’s vice president for sales and marketing. “The creative work and its execution are exceptional. The colour schemes, geometric shapes and optical effects reveal the A110 in a new light, with a heightened sense of movement. This work results in a modern, dynamic and captivating work of art.”

As you’d expect, the underlying car is Alpine’s most potent model, the 292hp A110S, which costs £57k when a world-famous artist hasn’t applied his touch to its panels. The model is good for a 4.4-second 0-62mph time thanks to its uprated, mid-mounted turbocharged 1.8-litre engine, although something tells us these road legal Pantone cars will do most of their talking while parked up in collections. Or galleries.

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