2022 Maruti Brezza VXI AT: An owner’s initial impressions

The current fuel efficiency is around 11Kmpl. I think it would go up to 12-13Kmpl for city driving.

BHPian aditya,marla recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Finally got my Brezza VXI AT last week. A couple of early observations from 300Km of city driving:

  • The car is very easy to drive within the city. Great seating position & a light steering make it a breeze to drive around the city
  • The car is very silent & the suspension setup is great. Didn’t have any troubles navigating some bad roads
  • The AT is reasonably smooth. The upshifts are not noticeable but you can notice the downshifts. I do get some occasional sounds (feels like the car is struggling to shift gears), need to get this checked.
  • The interiors are average at best. Even the fit & finish could be better. Don’t think it comes close to the Hyundai Venue (the other car in my consideration list)
  • The halogen headlights are not adequate (hope the LED ones are better). They work for the city, but are not sufficient for highway drives.
  • Feels like the engine lacks power. Speed does build up slowly but overtakes are definitely difficult. Not sure if this is only with the AT version since it upshifts very soon. This would definitely be my biggest complaint about the car
  • The current mileage is ~11Kmpl. I think it would go up to ~12-13Kmpl for city driving.

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