2022 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring revealed

The wingless wonder came late in the last GT3's run – no such delay this time around!

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, June 15, 2021 / Loading comments

Never a company to leave niche potential untapped, the enormous gap between the original 911 with a Touring spec option – the 1973 2.7 RS – and the second – the 991 GT3 Touring of 2017 – seemed like an unlikely Porsche oversight. There had been plenty of suitable 911s during that time (including more than 15 years of the GT3) and, in the grand scheme of things, making a Touring doesn’t require a huge amount of work. In 2021, for the 992, there’s no waiting around; a Touring is here just a few months after the standard car was announced. Anyone would think the last one proved quite popular…

Looks brilliant, doesn’t it? Porsche says this is a “high-performance athlete that does not show off its talent”, the removal of the standard car’s distinctive swan-neck spoiler certainly changing the aesthetic, even if the chunky rump, the 20/21-inch wheels and bonnet nostrils ensure it’s recognisably a GT3 even to the layman. For what it’s worth, Porsche says the Touring offers “the necessary downforce at high speed” thanks to the automatically extending spoiler.

There are one or two other changes for the “pure expression of the 911 GT3 concept”; note the aluminium trim around the windows, a front apron that’s entirely in the body colour and extended black leather inside, a feature denied to the standard car and playing nicely into the discreet vibe.

Otherwise, though, the Touring Package is probably as you expected: GT3 engine (so that’s 4.0-litres, 510hp and 9,000rpm), standard six-speed manual (though a PDK is a no-cost option this time around) a ‘track-bred’ chassis, and an unchanged kerbweight from the base car. Which means 1,418kg for the manual, 1,435kg for the PDK. The CFRP bonnet, lightweight windows, forged wheels and sports exhaust have all migrated from GT3 to Touring Package.

With so much carried over wholesale from the standard car to this, it isn’t surprising to learn that both cost a similar amount. Or rather, exactly the same. Customers with £127,820 to spare can choose from either GT3 for that money. Of course, none will cost less than £130k, what with ceramic brakes, LED headlights, the front axle lift, audio upgrades and more on the options list. Plus, as is becoming Porsche tradition now, the new model watch as well. The ‘GT3 with Touring Package chronograph from Porsche Design’ will be offered in six different colour combinations that correspond to the car specs, with details like luminous yellow hands (like the rev counter) and an Agate Grey bezel (as in the paint of this one) also intending to evoke the car. Which your friends will love hearing about.

For the 991 generation, fewer than 50 right-hand drive Tourings made it to the UK, making it particularly collectible. Obviously that car was manual only, so it’s not clear what the transmission split will be this time around, though when the six-speed came back for the 991.2, sales were split 50:50 PDK to manual in the UK. Whatever the case, the introduction of a Touring this early in the range surely must be good news for prospective buyers; GT3 variety is the spice of life, right? Expect Touring deliveries later in the year.

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