2022 TVS iQube showroom visit: Test ride experience & first impressions

Acceleration & top speeds are not at the same level as Ather or Ola but it’s better than Jupiter and Activa.

BHPian sri_tesla recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Visited the nearby TVS showroom to check out the new iQube. They have only base iQube currently on display. All the 3 colours (white, red, and grey) of the base variant are available. This is the first time I have seen iQube up close. While the design is subjective I liked the white colour more than the other two but white may be too common as it was the only colour available for the old model.

Regarding the delivery timelines, the dealer does not seem to have any extra information other than “up to 4 months”. Looks like TVS itself manages the orders, and dispatches for iQube which is a good thing. Hopefully, TVS is conservative with its timelines and will deliver quickly.




The seat is wide, soft, comfortable, and not forward sloping.

Charging port at the front just like old iQube. For the ST variant, there is another charging port at the back for fast charging as per official images.

The footboard is flat and spacious. You can see the hook in the middle and there is another below the seat. One of the keys is flip type and it also has a torch.

The boot space is flat and can fit a normal full-face helmet. I don’t think it can fit large full-face helmets with heavy padding.

104 km as per dashboard in ECO mode at 98%. TVS advertising 100 km range for the base iQube in ECO mode. One of the YouTubers already did a range test in mixed city and highway riding, and he got around 101 km range with a 10% charge still left.

74 km in Power mode at 98% SoC:

2022 TVS iQube test ride experience:

  • The test ride was with an old iQube. They also seem to have a new iQube for a test ride but it was away for the ride. As there is no difference between motor power between the old iQube and the new iQube base variant, I went ahead for a test ride on an old iQube.
  • You need to remove the side stand, press the brake, and press the start button on the right side to start the vehicle. It’s very silent and feels like it’s not really started. There are no vibrations or sound basically.
  • Initial pickup is decent and it’s able to pull easily with pillion even on eco mode. The max speed I reached in eco mode is 48 km with a pillion.
  • In the power mode, the pickup is slightly better than in eco mode and the top speed reached 70+ with a pillion. The road is not long enough to test full top speed in this mode.
  • Acceleration and top speeds are not at the same level as Ather or Ola but it’s better than Jupiter and Activa. It’s more than enough for most of the customers.
  • Suspension is okay but the road I tried is very good without any potholes. So cannot comment fully about that. I did not find anything wrong with suspension from my limited testing.

TVS iQube bookings, current production, and future expansion (source: TVS earnings call on 5th May):

  • As of May 5th, 2022, TVS has delivered around 12,000 iQube in ~2.5 years since its launch in early 2020. The current production capacity is 2,500 units per month.
  • TVS has another 12,000 bookings as of May 5th. All these are for the old iQube as TVS has only launched the new iQube on 18th May.
  • TVS expanding the iQube production to 10,000 units per month by next month (June 2022). This has been reiterated multiple times in the Q&A section of the conference call.
  • TVS continues to expand the EV production over FY23 and will also launch multiple models covering all the segments in the next 2 years.

I think the production increase of EVs to 10K units per month by a traditional manufacturer is a huge shift that went under the radar. This is necessary as the demand for new iQube is expected to be much higher due to the higher range, smart features, and expansion of sales to 85 cities from the current 33 cities.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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