4 things I love & 3 issues about my VW Virtus after 1 week of ownership

The car is super easy to drive and the ergonomics and visibility are absolutely stunning.

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Hi all,

I got the delivery of the vehicle on 29th November 2022. The delivery experience was ok, nothing special. Though they were ready with the car much before the time I was committed to. Although I had opted out of all accessories, I wanted the Trumpet Horn. But it was not fitted citing time availability which was paid for and shall be installed at the First Service.

Have driven around 450kms in 7 days and I’ve to admit the car is super easy to drive and the ergonomics and visibility are absolutely stunning.

Some issues I’m facing till now

Things I’m Loving

Cause of Concern

Rust on Drum Brakes

Here’s what BHPian vividhavasthi had to say about the matter:

Congratulations on your new car. I share the following issues with you and have a solution to one of them.

Steering – mine isn’t straight either, need to keep it tilted to make sure the car goes straight, my local VW dealers alignment machine is out of order and I will be getting this fixed once it’s up and running.

AC issue – mine was hissing as well, this was resolved at the VW dealer, they vacuumed all the gas and oil, and refilled the system to the correct specifications – in my case it was overfilled, and this sorted the hissing sound considerably.

Engine noise – I kinda like it, mine is louder after I changed the stock air filter to a K&N filter

Rust on brakes – this is happening to mine too, the car cleaner is washing the wheels daily, and I will soon get the drum painted to avoid this.

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