6 specific issues on my 2018 Ford Figo S TDCi

I was initially tempted to buy either a Fiat Urban Cross or a Linea TJet but ended up with a Figo S.

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Great thread Vibhanshu. Perfect name as well – “The Practical Enthusiast”

I too own a Ford Figo S TDCI in white. Maybe biased, but I agree with you that it looks better in White.

My ownership is not a very smooth one though. Mine is a 2018 Figo S TDCI which I purchased in 2019. I wanted the ‘S’ variant only and that too in White hence I went ahead with a nearly one-year-old manufactured car. No regret whatsoever though.

I love Fiat cars and wanted to own one. The time I could afford a second car was when Fiat was packing up. Had a choice to get a 2019 Urban Cross Diesel Emotion Variant, Linea Tjet or stick to Ford. With a heavy heart, I let go of Fiat as Ford was more relevant then and their service centre was only 5 km away from my place of residence. I feel the Figo S is 90% of Fiat with 10% missing out due to Fiat’s better steering (hydraulic) and built quality.

Figo S got a separate review thread on Team-BHP and it did deserve one. BHPian Vibhanshu and Tharian’s thread covers every detail of the variant. Listing a few important events/issues specific to my Figo.

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