800 km in 3 months with my TVS iQube S electric scooter: Observations

With my riding pattern, I’m getting a range of close to 100 km.

BHPian callvvijay recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After booking the iQube S variant on May 20th (it was launched on May 19th), I got the vehicle delivered on August 26th – so, today marks the completion of 3 months.

I was initially told that I would get the delivery in the month of July. But, there were no words either from the dealer or from TVS. After making some mail escalations, I was able to get the delivery.

Now, regarding the scooter – I have driven more than 800 km in the scooter in these 3 months and it has been really a pleasure riding it. Pretty smooth and fun to drive. My drive is mostly inside my locality with occasional rides outside – like, I have taken the scooter to the office (which is around 10 km from my place) a couple of times.

While I drive in a mix of Eco and Power modes, my wife & dad drive it only in Eco mode. With this kind of pattern (80% in Eco and 20% in Power), I am getting a range of close to 100 km.

Things which are not so good:

On a lighter note: My family has become an unofficial brand ambassador for TVS iQube. We are regularly stopped by folks on the road who are interested to know more about the scooter. A couple of days back, while I was riding, a gentleman who was in his Scooty asked us to stop and we had a conversation on the roadside for some 15 mins about the scooter.


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