A new Indian car for Rs. 45 lakhs

Looking at the luxury brands only in spite of being aware of the value that Superb, Octavia, Camry, Jeep etc. give.

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Hi, I am looking at buying a new car. Budget is around Rs. 45 lakhs. Looking at the luxury brands only in spite of being aware of the value that Superb, Octavia, Camry, Jeep etc. give.

We are a family of 4 including 2 boys aged 10, 12 years. We go on long road drives (4000-6000km) at least once in a year, if not two. Both my wife and I love sedans. We currently have Fiat Linea T-Jet Plus and she has served us really well. We have taken her to various parts of India and never faced any problem due to the average GC of the car. We love the low body roll, driving dynamics and comfort of sedans. Hence our inclination towards sedan.

I have shortlisted XE~330i>>C>>>A4 in the same order of preference. Both my wife and I are really in love with the XE but the logical mind in us says 330i. So its a head versus a heart factor. C and A4 will come into the picture only if there are great discounts on them.

My questions:

  • Any other car that I should look at?
  • Which ones out of the 4 do you suggest?
  • When is the best time to buy? I can wait till Oct-Nov.
  • What kind of discounts can I expect on these four.

Thanks for your help.

Here’s what BHPian Hayek had to say on the matter:

Unless you are an exceptionally short family (viz you are 5’5” or lower and your wife is shorter still), I would strongly advise against looking at any of the 4 sedans in your shortlist. Your boys are 10 and 12 – and in 5-6 years, will likely shoot up in height and be at least 2-3 inches taller than you are. And long road trips with two sulking teenagers in the rear of a cramped “luxury” sedan are not going to be fun at all.

If you can up your budget a bit, I would go with the 330Li. Else I would switch to either an Octavia or Superb or one of the SUVs – the X1 may not be too bad in terms of rear legroom, but the Tiguan Allspace and the Kodiaq would be fantastic for you. Do stick to the petrols though – the superior refinement is worth all that you spend on the fuel.

Here’s what BHPian lamborghini had to say on the matter:

Given you’re coming from a T-Jet, I assume you would prefer something fun & petrol.

With these in mind, the BMW would be my pick for the following reasons (though you can wait for a deal):

  • Balanced ride & handling
  • Explosive performance
  • Lower perceived maintenance

However, the interiors aren’t as classy as say the C-Class, it’s quite low though adequately spacious, and to get the most out of it, a change from RFT to tubeless is strongly recommended (applicable for the C-Class too). Also, discounts are quite limited on the 330i.

Next up would be the A4 (good time to buy now):

  • Balanced Ride & Handling though more inclined towards Ride
  • Well Equipped
  • Slightly roomier in the back than the C & 3
  • Maintenance could be reasonable if carried out at a reputed independent mechanic – the engine similarity with the Octavia, Tiguan All Space, Superb is a boon!
  • Tremendous VFM

That being said, I wasn’t too excited by the interiors, Audi Service is poor, resale wouldn’t be great (not that any of these will set benchmarks 10 years down the line).

Third would be the C Class (can wait for a deal):

  • Lovely steering feel!
  • Stable handling, brilliant brakes, excellent visibility – a brilliant cruiser!
  • Beautiful interiors!!

But it’s really let down by average build quality (rattles, parts wearing out quicker, etc.), expensive maintenance, poor ride quality – especially in the rear, and it will soon be replaced with a new model (though the current one is very competent), average engines.

Last would be the XE. No doubt it’s a looker, and a brilliant driver’s car, but for someone who travels across the country, should something go wrong, I wouldn’t risk a rogue dealer (if any are close by that too). The cramped rear seats and average interiors aren’t helping it’s case either.

If it weren’t for the 4,000 km annual road trip, a growing family, and if there were decent service options near you, it could be an option. That being said, do take a drive & have a look at it.After all, there’s no point spending so much if the heart isn’t satisfied.

Now, to throw in a few more contenders into the mix:

Audi was offering some mouth-watering discounts on the A6 – up to 15-18L off according to some posts on the New Car Price Check Thread as recently as March! If they are still applicable, it would be a fantastic option. Don’t be shy to check with out of state dealers too – it may involve a little more running around, but it’s a proper segment above.

2) With the new 5 Series facelift slated for launch later this month, expect some serious discounting on any stock the dealers may have. Shop around!

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