A Seltos owner adds a 2023 Verna to his garage: 7 quick observations

Interiors are a bit of a departure from Hyundai’s previously high standards.

BHPian Jeevith recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took delivery for my Turbo DCT over the weekend. In addition to observations already made, these were mine.

  • My existing vehicle is 1.4 Turbo DCT (Petrol) Seltos, compared to which initial impression is that the power delivery is better on the Seltos. This means either; (a) speed/acceleration masking is better on the Verna (because it’s a sedan and the centre of gravity is lower); or (b) the 1.4 is tuned a little more aggressively.
  • Apart from being aesthetically unappealing, the two spoke steering wheel is annoying even from a usage perspective. For any manoeuvre that requires more than full steering lock (parking for example) it’s a little hard to tell when the steering wheel has returned to centre. Thinking of getting one of those steering knobs just to tell the top and bottom parts of the steering wheel apart.
  • I know it’s been repeated a lot, but can confirm that the front end looks much nicer is person. It’s not even an acquired taste, it’s quite nice in person (pictures are a bit misleading TBH). Car looks best from it’s side profile though, the “fastback” look is quite nice.
  • Interiors are a bit of a departure from Hyundai’s previously high standards. Viz., hard plastics and the steering wheel leather.
  • Boot space is amazing!!!!
  • My car is black, so the black alloys on a black car back doesn’t quite match. So going to probably swap them for the silver versions.
  • Since it’s a new release, some basic accessories have not yet come (floor mats for example). Will get these in a week’s time.

All in all, pretty pleased with the punt I took on the car. As you can imagine, to have received delivery so soon this was booked a while back

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