ABT Sportsline Launches Vantastic T6.1 Upgrades

ABT Sportsline taking Volkswagen’s latest vans and doing what it does best. Adding power and improving performance for the T6.1.

The ABT Engine Control system is now available for the mid-grade 2.0 TDI engine, boosting power from 150 hp to a much more impressive 180, along with 290 lb-ft of diesel torque. The top-model, a 199 hp version of the engine, is due for an upgrade of its own come March, which will bring power up to 225 hp and 361 lb-ft of torque. Plenty of shove for these people-movers and camper vans.

Because your house needs to handle, ABT has added a Bilstein height adjustable suspension kit. ABT says it was a popular add-on for the old model, so has made it available here too. It can lower the Transporter from 40 to 70 mm, depending on how much clearance you’re willing to sacrifice in the name of performance and stance. ABT springs are in development and expected shortly. The company says the suspension gives the van ” an unexpected light-footedness and precision.”

ABT is also offering wheels for the T6.1, with 19 or 20-inch diameter choices including a pair of black finish options.

If you want to sit and dream about the van that VW won’t bring you here, the ABT configurator will let you tweak it the way you’d like, and maybe hit the VW UK site to see just how you could kit out your Transporter or California.

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