All-new Corvette Z06 imminent

First mid-engined Z06 will make its global debut in October

By Matt Bird / Monday, August 23, 2021 / Loading comments

October is already an important month for UK Corvette customers, as that’s when sales for the RHD cars coming here are due to start. Now the month assumes a new importance, as it’s also when the new Z06 will be seen in full.

Set for a debut on October 26th, Chevrolet is promising a car that will “amplify the thrill of driving” from the C8 Z06. It follows an impressive show for the C8.R over the weekend, securing a second plate in GTE at its first Le Mans 24 Hours. Chevrolet has used the iconic track, as well as the Nurburgring, for its save the date promotional video. The C8 Z06 is going to be a “supercar that performs”, says Chevrolet, whether that’s “on backroads or the Autobahn or the world’s most recognizable tracks like Circuit de la Sarthe.”

No further details have been announced with the video, which is hardly a surprise given the excitement – Chevrolet knows people are eagerly awaiting its reveal. What we do know is that the Z06 will feature a derivative of the racer’s 5.5-litre, LT6 flat-plane crank V8, with anything up to 625hp and 9,000rpm rumoured. And if that sounds comparatively modest in power hungry times, let’s not forget that the output would make it the most power naturally aspirated V8 ever made, surpassing the 458 Speciale’s 605hp in the process.

It seems appropriate, therefore, that the C8 flagship car sounds so much like a Ferrari in this video, the new crank design ensuring a high pitched howl that’s at odds with the Corvette heritage perhaps, but sounds fantastic nonetheless. October 26th can hardly come soon enough – especially if the steering wheel is likely to make it to the right-hand side of a few…

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