Alpina B3 and D3 S updated for 2023

Off the back of the factory-fresh 3 Series facelift, Alpina announces a similar refresh for the B3 and D3 S

By John Howell / Wednesday, 25 May 2022 / Loading comments

Change is coming at Alpina, with the announcement that BMW AG is taking the helm from 2025, but, for now, the Buchloe take on the fast but comfortable BMW theme continues as before. Off the back of its best year to date in 2021, Alpina has just launched the revised B3 and D3 S, which you can order right away on the company’s configurator, in the usual saloon and Touring body styles.

The D3 S continues with mild hybrid assistance and a 48-volt starter generator that sharpens up the throttle response and improves the efficiency of the 3.0-litre ‘six’ twin-turbo diesel. Power is 355hp and maximum torque – stretched between 1,750-2,750rpm – is 538lb ft. With all-wheel-drive traction that’s enough for 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds and 170mph in the D3 S saloon (or 4.8 seconds and 168mph for the Touring).  

The B3’s 3.0-litre – based on BMW’s S58 motor but with Alpina-specific twin mono-scroll turbos – is now splashing out 495hp and matches the diesel’s mammoth peak torque precisely. Those are gains of 33hp and 22lb ft over the previous version and, with the benefit of xDrive, means the B3 comes within a tenth of the M3 xDrive’s 0-62mph time – the B3 gets there in 3.6 seconds and tops out at 190mph (3.7 seconds and 188mph for the Touring).

Both versions use the excellent eight-speed ZF 8HP76 automatic gearbox, running Alpina’s own software. As does the adaptive suspension, which offers COMFORT+, COMFORT, SPORT and SPORT+ modes. The springs, dampers and bump stops are also tuned for Alpina’s take on comfort with control. Both cars use specific Pirelli tyres for the standard 19-inch cast wheels, as well as the lighter, forged, 20-spoke, 20-inch options.

There are mild tweaks to the exterior – new LED headlights, for example – but there’s more noticeable changes inside, thanks to the adoption of BMW’s latest iDrive system and the redesigned dashboard from the current G20 3 Series. The software is Operating System 8 – with, as usual, Alpina’s twist of a blue and green colour scheme for the dials. The upgraded hardware includes the 14.9-inch curved display, which merges the digital instruments with the infotainment screen.

As always, alongside the performance and comforts aspects, the other side of the Alpina customer experience continues with the offering of its bespoke interiors. So you can still trim everything in soft, breathable (rather than plastic-coated) Lavalina leather, and get lost in the ‘almost unlimited’ number of possible combinations when it comes to colours, piping and stitching.

As we said, cars are available to order straight away and deliveries are slated to begin in October 2022. The B3 saloon is priced from £77,900, the Touring from £79,000 and the B4 Gran Coupé is £79,900. The D3 S models are in the region of £11,000 cheaper – at the time of writing the configurator was on the blink and wouldn’t to give us the exact prices, though.

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