Audi TT RS marks 40 years of quattro

40 years, 40 cars, 400hp… and not for Britain, sadly

By Matt Bird / Thursday, October 15, 2020

Despite already having lasted 74 weeks, it remains 2020 on our planet. Which, in the most part, isn't fantastic news, but it does mean those important automotive anniversaries marked this year can enjoy what feels like an extended celebration. PH first celebrated the quattro 40th birthday with a Rise & Drive video way back in February, followed by a new RS6 video just a couple of weeks later, a Legacy rundown of our favourites in March and news of the RS6 Tribute Edition in September. That was technically a tribute to the RS2 but, well, there wouldn't be an RS2 without a quattro, so that can be part of the festivities as well.

And now there's this, the Audi TT RS 40 years of quattro. That really is the name, too, because clearly there's nothing quite like saying it as it is. Mechanically identical to the standard TT RS – 400hp from the 2.5 five-cylinder turbo, 3.7 seconds to 62mph, 174mph – the 40 years of quattro pays homage to another Audi icon: the Sport quattro. As is pretty clear from the decals, paint and wheels, it aims to evoke the car with which Walter Rohrl won the 1987 Pikes Peak in – reminder yourself what a monster that was here.

There are further modest motorsport touches with a new aero kit for the special edition, comprised of aero flics, a more prominent front splitter, side skirts, fixed rear wing and chunky diffuser. Audi claims it's a "perfectly balance complete package", reducing uplift on the front axle to 9kg and (at top speed) and putting five kilos of downforce on the rear one.

Interestingly, Audi is offering buyers of this TT RS the option to replace the rear seats with a stunning carbon strut brace – saving 16 kilos and making for the first two-seat TT since the original sport quattro. Audi claims more noise and more torsional rigidity as a result. The seats up front are trimmed in Nappa leather and Alcantara, with '40 years of quattro' embroidered on as well. Each special edition will be numbered, too, almost a prerequisite as far as special touches for a limited edition go.

Buyers will be after all the special touches they can find, too, as this TT RS doesn't come cheap: the 40 buyers in Germany will be asked for 111,165 euros, or at the current exchange rate… well, it's £100,000. For a TT RS. And that's at Germany's current reduced VAT rate; otherwise it would be 114,040 (£103,100). So you're going to have to really love TTs and quattros, then, but it wouldn't be any great surprise to find all 40 going pretty quickly. After all, a 50th anniversary quattro TT isn't going to be powered by that glorious engine alone, is it?

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