Audi's Getting Fast with a Little Help From its Friends at Rimac

Rumor has it that Audi’s planning on replacing the glorious R8 with an electric supercar. And a new report says that they’re reaching out to boutique EV supercar-maker Rimac.

The Audi e-tron family is getting ready to expand in a big way. I’ll save you the “charging up” puns. The supercar was previously called the e-tron GTR, but Car Magazine is reporting some new details, including that partnership.

The plan is to build the RS e-tron, which may be the new name, at the same plant where the A6, 7, and 8 are currently built. But the report says that much of the development will be handled by Croatian firm Rimac.

Rimac is already working with Porsche and is said to be in talks with Lamborghini and Bugatti. In short, the upmarket portion of the VW Group.

The plan is to have Rimac supply the four electric motors and the batteries for the car. It’ll need plenty of those with the expected 950 hp. The car would also have active aero, Car says, to give it an ultra-low drag coefficient.

Car says that in addition to the 950 hp, it’ll get a 300-mile range, wireless charging, and a 95 kWh solid-state battery.

R&D chief Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler told Car: ‘Audi Sport must have e-mobility, and our icons for the brand must become electric. We are in discussions regarding the sporty cars and the RS vehicles – they will need a change towards e-mobility.

‘The e-Tron GT will come towards the end of 2020 – that’s the first step. Electrically, you can control things more, and have more of an emotional influence on driving behavior.’

[source: Car Magazine]

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