Behold the Mercedes-AMG GT2 race car

The approachability of a GT4 racer with more power than the GT3? Sign us up!

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 8 December 2022 / Loading comments

Though the Fanatec GT2 European Series might not be household championship name, it’s easy to see why wealthy amateur racers – and a host of supercar manufacturers – have taken an interest. Spectacular evolutions of cars like the Brabham BT62, Audi R8, Porsche 911 GT2, Lamborghini Huracan and KTM X-Bow race at tracks like Imola, Spa and Hockenheim. There must be worse ways to spend summer weekends as a petrolhead millionaire.

Now AMG is keen for slice of the GT2 action, with this car – the AMG GT2. Keeps it simple, as per the AMG GT4 and AMG GT3 that race in championship series you can probably guess. Nothing less than AMG’s most powerful homologated race car ever, the GT2 makes 707hp from a version of the Black Series flat-plane 4.0-litre V8, and it’ll only have to move 1,400kg. Power reaches the rear slicks via a six-speed sequential, mounted in a transaxle like every GT. AMG believes the technology and safety of the GT2 – think adjustable traction control and ABS, plus a carbon safety cell – makes it an ‘attractive overall package for ambitious amateur drivers in particular’. Ideal for GT2, basically, the current regulations introduced in 2020 aimed very much at gentlemen drivers. They’re more powerful than GT3 cars, but more accessible.

Be in no doubt, though, this remains a very serious race car. The GT2 boasts an adjustable swan neck rear wing that anything track focused must now boast, forged 18-inch wheels with giant composite discs behind them, ‘comprehensively configurable’ motorsport dampers and adjustable anti-roll bars. There aren’t claims yet for downforce or lap times, AMG instead promising ‘reliable’ handling in a car that ‘less experienced drivers can also quickly build up confidence.’ Which feels like a crazy thing to say for a 700hp race car, but that’s how good they’ve got.

The lucky soul behind the half a wheel of the GT2 will be treated to the latest generation of Digital Display Unit, which promises better graphics and user friendliness. Again, this is aimed at the amateur (all things being relative) racer, and there’s not point bamboozling them with info. Note as well big dash buttons and just the one screen to focus on. The wheel itself has been developed with sim racing experts Cube Controls, said to bring ‘a new level of ergonomics, functionality and control.’

GT2 cars have already established themselves as pretty wild to look at – see the roof scoop on an R8 GT2 – and the AMG ought to fit in just fine. The rear wing undoubtedly echoes the design of the road-going Black Series, yet might tower even higher, and that race car stance of wheels right up in arches and ride height scraping the floor works perfectly with the GT’s hot rod silhouette. And this is just dressed like a Silver Arrows race car – imagine it fully liveried up. Then racing a 911, R8, Huracan…

With testing underway by the factory, AMG says the GT2 will reach its customers ‘fully matured’, with sales commencing during next year’s season. But, naturally, no price just yet. The R8 was €400,000 three years ago, for some comparison. Stefan Wendl, Head of Mercedes-AMG Customer Racing, said of the new car: “The Mercedes-AMG GT2 is entering a new range of speed. Moreover, we have achieved that gentlemen drivers who don’t race every weekend can control this enormous power in a commanding and safe way all the time. I am really happy that we can now offer a top-notch product along with our maximum support activities for the customer teams in this burgeoning segment as well.”

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