Better Late than Never: VW Unveils Worthersee Project Golf GTE

The Golf HyRACER is the latest trainee custom Golf to be built for Worhtersee, and it’s finally getting its debut ahead of its entry into Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg ode to itself, the Autostadt.

The car was supposed to be launched at Worhtersee, which as you’d expect was canceled due to the global pandemic. And that’s a bit of a shame because the car was the first one built by trainees at Volkswagen Group Retail Germany, instead of by workshop apprentices.

Still, at least the HyRACER, which stands for hybrid racer, will get its day at the Autostadt. Based on a Golf GTE, the trainees started, as you might expect, by adding about 50 hp to the car.

The power may be undone by the extra weight of two electric scooters in the trunk of the car. I suppose you can race scooters, though, so it still lives up to the name.

Outside, a body kit that widens the car by more than three inches and the 19-inch rims should let anyone know with certainty that this is a special car.

It’s also been lowered by an inch-and-a-half and you get 10.4-inch wide tires as well as 15-inch brakes to help it all come to a stop.

Inside, finally, the dash has Alcantara now and the steering wheel has a very racy stripe at twleve o’clock. The seats, meanwhile, have HyRACER stitched into the headrest.

As you might expect, building this was a bit of a challenge given the pandemic limiting peoples’ access to each other. And that makes the car all the more impressive. Hopefully it gets a chance to shine at next year’s Wrothersee, which will be the 40th year of the treffen.

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