BMW 3-Series Gran Limousine LWB Review : 12 Pros & 12 Cons

Quite a master-class move by BMW in bringing the LWB car here, inspired no doubt by the E-Class LWB. Indians love rear legroom, even if they aren’t chauffeur-driven.

BMW 3-Series LWB Pros:

  • Very welcome increase in rear legroom & a comfy rear seat
  • Doesn’t look stretched or weird at all. Proportions are good & the car looks handsome
  • Maintains fun-to-drive nature, despite the comfort-oriented changes
  • Both engines are simply fantastic! Practical, fun, rev-happy
  • The ZF 8-speed AT is the best gearbox in the segment
  • Comfortable ride quality. Suspension has been retuned for this LWB version
  • We love what BMW has done with the G20’s steering. It’s enjoyable to use
  • Lovely cabin, premium build, very supportive seats & a fab driving position
  • Enhanced kit includes a 16-speaker sound system, 360-degree cam, panoramic sunroof…
  • BMW’s strong track record for reliability (among the luxury marques)
  • 5-star NCAP rating & a laundry list of safety equipment
  • Worth the extra money over the regular wheelbase car, in my opinion

BMW 3-Series LWB Cons:

  • Price is cutting it too close to 5-Series territory ([i]especially after discounts on the 5[/i])
  • Sad boot space with the spare wheel underneath
  • Surround view, HUD & keyless entry are only in the M-Sport variant
  • 320Ld is offered just in the Luxury Line trim (not M-Sport)
  • Getting too big & heavy (320d = 1700 kilos) for a model that’s known as a “sports sedan”
  • At the very limit, the regular wheelbase 3-Series is more fun to drive
  • Rear floor hump is enormous! Car is better as a 4-seater than 5
  • Low stance means ingress / egress aren’t senior-citizen friendly
  • Runflat tyres come with many compromises, wear out soon & are expensive to replace
  • We hate the all-digital instrument console. Also, the rev counter is weirdly inverted
  • The 3-Series LWB has a w-i-d-e 5.9 meter turning radius!
  • At this price, we expect goodies like Adaptive LEDs, ventilated seats…

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