Bringing home a Mahindra XUV 700 MX petrol

We never took a test drive, nor did we ever visit the dealership before taking the vehicle home.

BHPian dust-n-bones recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Happy to report that we took home an MX Petrol variant on May 1st. The booking was done last week of December 2021. The dealership is Anant Cars, Banerghatta Road, Bangalore.

Overall a very pleasant experience, both in the purchase process and the vehicle itself so far. Some highlights:

  • We never took a test drive (never felt the need to, thanks to the amazing power of this community, and ownership experience of a few friends), nor did we ever visit the dealership before taking the vehicle home. Digital really has come a long way.
  • The dealership and the sales advisor were both very co-operative. The infamous ‘incidental charges’ were removed long back, there was no problems getting the insurance from outside – the dealership’s initial quote on insurance was over twice over what we actually paid. There was no pressure to pay up early once we told them we would perform a PDI before releasing the payment. And this when I could only complete the PDI a full week after being told the vehicle had arrived at the stockyard. Nothing to even nit-pick in the PDI itself either. So excellent experience – overall.
  • The extended warranty offered is for the 4th year. Its never explained (nor did the sales advisor know what to do) how to get a 4th+5th year warranty. Nothing though that information (Mahindra XUV700 Review) on this community can’t solve 🙂
  • What was not pleasant was a constant push to buy accessories, and ‘big discounts’ I could get if the bill could inflate to 50-60k :-). To be fair, the sales advisor apologised for such sharp tactics during hand-over. Its maybe a standard car buying experience these days given the loss of business in last few years.
  • The car itself – not driven much so far, aside from a few city runs. Excellent vehicle for the cratered roads and shattered infra we endure in Bangalore, this after paying a mind boggling Rs 2.5 lakhs as tax for the privilege. Back to the car – so far – no tantrums, great suspension and a personality split between quiet composure and a beast mode – as we like it.

Again, thanking this great forum. You are the reason we felt confident in choosing something that tugs the heart, with sufficient evidence to satisfy the head.

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